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Waiting At The Gate

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I grew up on a farm, and we were fortunate to have many magnificent horses. I will tell you they do like treats and will nip your pocket if you try to hide something. We learned very quickly how to hold our hand flat when feeding a snack to a horse! Thinking back on those wonderful days prompted me to write this little story....
As he waits by the gate horse stamps his hoof on the ground and a puff of dust rises into the air. In the distance he can see the small silhouette of the young girl who brings him a treat each day, without fail. Sometimes it is a crisp apple or a bright orange carrot, but yesterday was a glorious half bucket of sweet oats. He tosses his head high and wonders what she will bring today.

Original acrylic painting - ready for framing

Medium: Acrylic on Panel

Size: 8" x 6"