Digital Downloads

This is a collection of information that may be safely downloaded to your computer. 
You will find workshop supply lists for both watercolour and acrylic programs. Please be sure to look for the applicable medium and subject matter before you download.

My supply lists are a guideline of the products and materials that I have in my standard kit. There will be times when I don't use everything listed.

Supply lists are available at no cost to you.

NEW! - You will also find a free 10 page digital download handbook!

31+ Best Negative Painting Tips

If you wish to keep the handbook on your computer then choose the full colour version. If you would like to print it, then select the the option marked "reduced colour". Of course you are welcome to take them both! 

If downloading from a website is new to you, here are the easy steps:
Click on the information you would like to receive, then "Add To Cart" or "Buy It Now". It is important to note that even when a download is free, you will be taken to the payment page.
You will need to provide your email address and some information but there is no fee required for supply lists. Once completed you will receive a confirmation email and another with your download link. Each step along the way is explained as you go! You will then have a button that says "Download Now". That's it! 

If you are interested in taking an online workshop, see my schedule here.

Happy painting!