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One Bird, Two Moths and the Moon

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After listening to the moths go on at length about how glorious the full moon would be that night, bird was determined to see for herself. She arranged to sneak away and meet her two dusty friends as soon as the other woodland birds had settled for the night. 

 At the rendezvous site, the three marvelled as the iridescent moon slowly ascended into the dark night sky. Moonlight stretched across the field. Bird ruffled her feathers with excitement. Bird had, of course, seen the moon many times, but never before had she felt its magnetic pull. 

Without a thought, Bird rushed into the field, ignoring the warnings calls of the moths and leaving the safety of the shadowy trees. Her mind was made up: wherever the moon would go, she would follow.

Medium: Acrylic on panel

Size: 8" x 8"