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Linda's Birds - Smart Watch Collection #2

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Smart Watch Faces 

Or use these characters on your computer desktop

Limited time - FREE digital download!

I recently added some little bird paintings to my Apple Watch. Now when I check the time I can't help but smile when I see their funny faces.

I am sharing a few with the hope that they will add bit of joy to your day too. 

I have formatted some of my favourite birds for your Photo Faces. Like all things computer related, it's easy to do when you know how, if not, I have included some general instructions in the pictures below. 

Click  "Buy It Now" and complete the order. This is a free download but you will need to fill in a bit of information. No credit card is required.

Follow the instructions for downloading that arrive in an email or online receipt (see below). You will also find brief instructions for adding the birds to your Apple Watch. I don't know if they will work for all types of smart watches, but you are welcome to download and try for yourself.  

If my instructions are not helpful please ask a friend for assistance or look online for a tutorial. 

** These images may be used on your computer or watch but may not be reproduced in any manner. Copyright © Linda Kemp