NAWS April 2024

Northern Arizona Watercolor Society Workshop with Linda Kemp

April 16 - 18, 2024 from 9:00am - 4:00pm

Hello! I'm looking forward to painting with you and sharing lots of artsy ideas!
On this private webpage you will find:
- My watercolour workshop supply list, but bring your own favourite colours, supplies and tools
- Class handouts
- Reference photos (or use your own)
- Videos to help you get ready!
- Free PDF handbook of tips click here for download of Negative Painting Tips
- Course description
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Class Handouts - click and slide onto your desktop or work from this site.



Reference Photos - or use your own

Tips - Nature's Patterns and Florals

 Landscape photos or use your own



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Negative Painting Addicted - Watercolour with Linda Kemp 

Course Description

Negative painting is an innovative approach to creating works of art and a great exercise for your brain as you explore painting outside the lines! 

All shall be revealed as Linda guides you through this artistic investigation of techniques that transform your favourite imagery into evocative paintings that are built with layers of negative shapes. Tactics for interpretation of subject matter, negative painting strategies, simplified design and basic color concepts along with “seeing” for painting are essential topics in this program. 

You will discover secrets for making remarkable underpaintings, how to start, build and complete your original, unique artworks. 

In our three day program we will explore: Wet into Wet Vignette and the Romantic Landscape

Layering Nature’s Shapes - Wet into Wet Vignette

Let’s make some wet into wet magic as we paint vignettes of delicate florals and exotic vegetation. We begin with essential warm-up projects to teach you how to build layers of simple shapes using negative painting techniques. Then learn how to paint directly to train your mind and hand so you’ll be ready to make wet into wet paintings with confidence. 

A vignette is designed so the subject matter softens and fades into the edges of the paper. The resulting elegant light negative shapes are an essential part of the painting’s composition. The quiet, diffused focus of the outer edges of the vignette enhance the drama of the defined forms and touches of rich colour of the inner focal areas of the picture. You will learn how to gently control the medium but there will be lots of thrills as the glorious colour spreads and flows across the wet surface of your paper. This is watercolour showing off!

The Romantic Landscape - Watercolor

Subtle transitions of hues and the layering of lost and found edges conjure the spirit of the romantic landscape in this essential negative painting, watercolor workshop. Discover how to interpret the soft layers of fields and meadows and build your paintings with a simple plan that captures the spirit of the gentle landscape from the ground up.  

Learn “Badger” brush handling techniques for applying textures to suggest blowing grasses and distant trees. You will learn how and where to use captured negatives and minimal hard edges to slowly bring your work into soft focus. Whether you work from your imagination or resource material, you will be amazed by this elegant approach to creating a romantic impression of the landscape.