Enchanted Waters Workshop -Cheap Joes

Negative Painting Acrylic

Linda Kemp Online Art Workshop

Cheap Joes October 16 - 18 , 2024

3.5hrs per day - includes two 10 minutes breaks


Hello! I am delighted that we will be painting together. I hope you will enjoy our workshop and learn lots of new ideas and techniques.

Scroll down to find loads of information - images of the demonstrations, reference photos, an essentials supply list and student handout. You will receive a handbook to download to your computer and a printable page, by email, before the workshop. 

*If you do not receive the PDF booklet and fish handout let me know and I will find another way to get them to you. 

The main demonstration videos will be posted here after the workshop. You will be able to watch and paint along for 8 extra weeks!

My thanks to Edwina May and Cheap Joe's for hosting this event.  

Two important links.... Please click on the pink text to get your handbook and  handout. The handbook is yours to keep on your computer. Print the fish template page on standard 8.5 x 11" piece of printer paper.

Click Here for Handbook and Fish Template Downloads

Come for a visit on my webpage to see lots of other fun animals and birds! 

Linda's website - free download of tips and more!

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Test your paints! This is important for acrylic and watercolour paints. If you are not sure if your colours are transparent or opaque, here's a video to help you test your paints.

You will find more bonus videos at the bottom of this page.



Do you need help selecting your painting surfaces for the workshop? Here's a tutorial about choosing between canvas, panel and more. This video was made especially for Enchanting Waters Workshop as we paint water lilies and whimsical fish.


    Scroll down to the bottom find a copy of my general supply list - this was sent to you before the workshop with your confirmation. Below each project you will also find the specific colours used as a guide. You do not need to have the exact colours that I work with for success. I'm happy to answer your questions about substitutions. 

    Course Description - is at the bottom of page

    Workshop Daily Painting Projects 

     Day 1

    Start with the basics!


    Any small canvas or panel. I will use a 6 x 8" reclaimed canvas.


    Main Painting Project


    Any canvas or panel - I will use an 8" x 10" Ampersand Claybord


    Day 2

    1. Brushstroke techniques exercise  2. Basic water lily exercise  3. Main painting project

    Start with waterlily basics


    Main painting project - Floating Water Lilies and Ripples

    Extra - compass, ellipse stencil, French curve or large plate or pot lid for making curves. Any small canvas or panel - my choice is 8 x 8" Ampersand Aquaboard


    Day 3

     Start with a experimental underpainting and simple template


    Main Painting Project - Koi Fish and Multiple Templates


    Here are my colours but go ahead and choose your own favourites for this project. 
    Transparent Red Iron Oxide or any transparent deep orange/red
    Any canvas or panel - mine will be 8 x 8" Claybord

    Reference Photos



    Handout - this will be sent to you by email. Please print an 8.5 x 11" copy of this for Day 3.

    Handout is also included in the course handbook - but here is a reminder. 





    Also see video above to help you choose a painting surface.

    Bonus Video

    Reclaiming canvas and panels



    Extra Bonus - Mixing Lights



    Course Description

    Inspired by Nature - Painting Enchanted Waters in Acrylic
     Explore the captivating art of negative painting with acrylics to depict water lilies and whimsical fish as you join us on a creative voyage into the delightful world of “Inspired by Nature: Painting Enchanted Waters.”

    Water, with its ever-evolving character, possesses a spellbinding quality. When we introduce water lilies, fanciful fish and the warm sparkle of sunlight, true magic takes form. In this workshop you learn how to make fascinating textured underpainting. Then build your painting with minimal details and layer shapes with transparent and opaque acrylics on canvas and panel.

    Within this journey, you will master the intricacies of negative painting to reveal delicate petals, glistening leaves, and the dance of light upon the water's surface. These skills will allow you to create an ethereal atmosphere in your artwork.

    In this interactive online program, Linda offers new projects each day, taking you through step-by-step exercises in this engaging workshop. This unique hybrid program blends live instruction with exclusive video demonstrations created for this workshop. You'll have ample time to work on your projects and seek guidance through the process. Access a private workshop webpage, complete with reference photos, a supply list, bonus lessons, and a comprehensive full-colour handbook for download, encompassing all the lessons, tips, and reference materials.