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Yellow Bird Follows A Song

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Picking and pecking as they went, the flock moved up the hill, following the line of millet seeds that was spread along the pathway. Yellow Bird wandered slowly behind, scratching in the dirt to find any grains that may have been missed. She enjoyed the feeling of the warm sun on her back as she listened to the chirping song of male crickets as they rubbed their wings together. "Stridulating"is what the sound is called. The word rolled around in her brain. She had been studying crickets (family Gryllidea) for some time, and decided that now was her chance to catch one for closer observation. A dark hole in the underbrush echoed with their calls as Yellow Bird hesitated at the opening. 

Something in her hollow bones told her that entering the hole might not be the best idea.

Original painting - ready to frame

Medium: Acrylic on panel

Size: 6" x 8"