Step 2 Mark-Making

Here's step 2 of the Christmas project that daughter Jamie and I painted together. In this quick video you will see how we applied lines and smudges with Holbein Coloured Pencils and Stabilo All Pencils over the textures that were created with acrylic mediums. (now well dry).

Here's why: I have found Acrylics paintings become richer by layering and through building the surface. Although these marks will be covered with paint in the next few steps, some will remain visible and enrich the final appearance. The coloured lines and smudges show through to suggest forms and animate the surface.

Try this yourself by scribbling, sketching, making graffiti and random marks - just for fun. You don't need a plan, just get busy!

This close-up of a section of the finished painting shows how some of the lines effect the final appearance. 




Be sure to check back to see how this painting evolves!