Find Your Groove

There is nothing I would rather do than paint. Absolutely nothing. As long as I have a brush in my hand, I'm in my groove. Here is a selection of paintings of nature's shapes and patterns. I've set them to a little bluesy piano which is just about right for when you are up all night painting.


Charlene Barry.

I can only say the work is breathtaking.

Mary Parslow

I love your new web page which contains beautiful surprises wherever you look. I will be getting your books and watching for your instructional videos with anticipation. I am usually a print maker but I am also working on my painting skills and I’d love to go where you go with that. Your work is inspirational…thank you ….keep going strong.

Alida O. Cordero

Wonderful paintings and lovely music!

Charlene Patton

I love your new page. Excited about your book too. Always finding my groove when I paint.

Pamela Lynch

Mesmerizing! What a visual treat!

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