Change The Intensity! A Colour Concept Lesson

Pair grey, beige or taupe with pure hues as you learn how to celebrate "muddy" colour in your paintings!

Discover how to use reduced colour intensity with this elegant colour concept when painting in any medium. This video includes a short watercolour demonstration and information about the often misunderstood property of colour. 


Ruth Dolan

I thought this was very well put together and presented. Colour concept can be hard to grasp, and the more you experiment, thereby gaining experience, can help you to absorb the process so that it becomes more and more a part of your work. As you point out, use of the complementary colour to alter the intensity gives a harmony. And the small amount of pure, intense colour gives the all important zing. There is a lot of good information and advice in this short video!

Valerie Milot

Thank you, for your brief informative vid.
It gave a
Excellent pointers for a multi color abstract design.


Good lesson. Lovely paintings. Thank you.

Mary Sauter

I’m enjoying your new website and the videos you posted. The graphics are great, and the music is nice without being overpowering. Can’t wait to take your online classes/workshops!


Thanks for explaining the concept. Easy to understand when u actually show how it’s done. One question – did u just put the greyed down color or was that planned. It almost looked splattered! Great video!

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