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Hello to my artsy friends who offer painting or crafting demonstrations online. I’ve had several people ask about my photography set-up, so I thought I would share some information about the newest tool that I have added to my presentation equipment.

While I use a Digital camera on an overhead boom for recording full videos, I was looking for something that I could use for live content during Zoom workshops. It needed to be really easy to use, quick to set-up and provide amazing video quality, without costing a fortune. A friend suggested a document camera. 

Here’s a look at the one that I selected - the Joyusing V1XS. Being a bit of a tech nerd, I did a lot of research to find a camera that offered all the functions I wanted, including the ability to record on an SD card. This option works on both PC and Mac. V1XS


Here is a look at the amazing optical and digital zoom that will allow students to get a really close-up detailed look at the painting on their screen.

I can use the LCD screen on the camera to make focus adjustments and zoom in or out.

The easy-to-use software works with my computer. Look at all these functions. It is possible to add notes and annotate.


A document camera can sit on your work table or desk for overhead shots or you can rotate the camera to serve as a webcam or, if you are working on an easel and want a longer focal range. Below you will find some resources information from the Joyusing company.


Setting Up a Document Camera:

Setting up a Document Camera is straightforward. It requires only a few minutes of your time, and the entire operation is plug-and-play. You won’t need to install any drivers.

All the meeting programs you use like Google Meets, Zoom, Microsoft Teams already are compatible with document cameras. With just a couple of clicks through the Zoom platform, students get a close-up view of a live demonstration.

Document Cameras are used to capture a particular point of interest and are used in distance learning, courtrooms and offices. They act as amazing versatile tools that can be used in a variety of situations. They are lightweight, easy to use and compatible with every platform. 

Companies like Joyusing, have been manufacturing document cameras for years and have multiple document cameras on their site that cater to both commercial and residential needs.

Does a Document Camera Have Multiple Functionalities?

Yes, it does! We can traditionally classify document Cameras as USB Webcams and share most of their functionality. Here’s a quick look at some of them:

  • Document Camera: Document Cameras can capture areas of interest out of a document or specimen, which can then be magnified for an easier viewing experience.

  • Webcam: A document camera with a flexible neck can also be used as USB Webcams to video call with your friends, family or have conference room meetings.

  • Recorder: Doubling up as a video camera, you can record important meetings, a conversation with a friend or effortlessly capture a moment. The video that is recorded is stored in a standard format and can be viewed on any other device.

  • Monitor: If you wish to supervise an exam or ensure that a room remains secure, you can use a document camera to view the area from any angle.

These features make Document Cameras excellent tools that can be used in multiple situations.


With an HDMI cable, the camera can be connected to a projector or television.


Do I Need a Computer To Use A Document Camera?

You do not need a PC! The document cameras on the site mentioned above are available in both PC and PC-Free configurations, allowing you to use the visual communication tool in a variety of ways.

The video recorded on your document camera is completely editable and shareable. You can even share the video from the Document Camera to anyone on social messaging tools like WhatsApp or Messenger directly on your phone.


A Vital Teaching Tool For Distance Learning:

Document Cameras are perhaps most often used in virtual classrooms. With visual communication playing an important role in a student’s overall learning, document cameras can provide information or notes in a very simple manner through both live and pre-recorded lectures.

Teachers can also use their document cameras as a webcam when taking an important meeting or recording lectures. They can show what a teacher is writing while they deliver their lecture or for students’ note-taking.

We can also use them in work-from-home or study-from-home environments for both teachers and students where they can show their papers, exams, tests and stream them using their document camera for verification of their teachers. In fact, some institutes have shifted to off-campus exams and use document cameras as their primary methods of supervising.