NorthStar - Watercolour Landscape Workshop

Hosted by NorthStar Watermedia Society of Minnesota
2 Day On-Line Workshop
Friday & Saturday - November 5 & 6, 2021
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Central Time  with one hour lunch break


This page is still under construction! Please visit again soon for more information about our workshop!

Hello! I am delighted that we will be painting together. I hope you will enjoy our workshop and learn loads of new ideas and techniques. The main demonstration videos will be posted here after the workshop. It takes a day or two for me to have the videos prepared and uploaded to this website, so please be patient. I am offering the videos as a bonus for you to paint along with for 30 days. Please do not share. This page is only visible to the workshop students.

Thanks to the NorthStar Watermedia Society and Nini Bronson for hosting this event. 

Below you will find some reference photos, a general supply list and a few student handouts. I am preparing your workshop videos in the coming days and will post the specific colours for each project and the finished paintings as soon as they are completed, so check back again to see what we will be working on.

Before the workshop, please watch this video:

Click Here For A Head Start - Testing Your Paints

On the days of the workshop have your paints and supplies ready to start painting!

See you soon, Linda


Linda Kemp

Negative Painting Addicted

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FB Workshop Page where you can post your work



Course Description


General Supply List

Specific colours for each of the main projects will be posted soon. This is my usual watercolour supply list. You do not need to have identical colours. 

Demonstration Painting 

Colours for this demonstration


Be sure to also have some Ultramarine Blue


Student Handouts 


Reference Photos

You may use your own photos but I suggest that you use the photos that I am providing here. These may not inspire you as much as your own photos but I will be using them and they will teach you soooooo much!