Niagara Pumphouse November 7

Nature's Patterns Floral Vignettes - Watercolours

Hooray! Our video demonstrations are posted! You will need to scroll waaaaaay down to the bottom of this page to find them. 

Thank you for joining me - I hope you had a really great day and feel inspired to do more negative painting and experiment with wet into wet vignettes. Enjoy these demo videos until Christmas when they will magically disappear. I've given you a week more than promised as a surprise.

I hope you will join me again and I wish you happy painting!



Get loose and go colourful! Let spontaneity and intuition lead the way to
bountiful blossoms and sunshine.

November 7, 2022

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET


I am delighted that we will be painting together. I hope you will enjoy our workshop and learn lots of new ideas and techniques. The main demonstration videos will be posted here after the workshop. It takes a day or two for me to have the videos prepared and uploaded to this website, so please be patient. I am offering the videos as a bonus for you to paint along with for 6 weeks. Please do not share with others who did not attend the workshop. This page is only visible to the workshop students.

Below you will find lots of information: images of the demonstrations, some reference photos, a general supply list, specific colours that I use in each demo and student handouts.

Keep scrolling down to find everything!

There is no need to print the images or handouts. However, if you wish to make a copy of anything on this page, rather than printing directly from the website (and using a lot of ink!) just take a screen shot of the image or click and drag the images onto your desktop. You may need to resize before printing. 

My thanks to the Niagara Pumphouse for hosting this event.


Please watch this tutorial. You will achieve better results if you test your paints before the workshop...even if you only do your favourite colours!  




Extra Bonus video  




 Linda Kemp

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Course Description



 Here's a sneak-peek at some of our projects! We will be painting periwinkle as you learn how to use negative painting techniques to make vignettes of nature's patterns - florals.




General Supplies for WC Nature's Patterns and Floral Vignettes

Here is my standard supply list for online workshops. You do not need everything listed here. I include this list for students who want to know everything that I keep in my kit. We will work on a number of small exercises along with a main demo each day. You may choose to use your own favourite colours, paper and tools or follow along with mine selections.

Our day together will require a few small pieces of watercolour paper. Artist's quality is always recommended but not essential.

You will need one piece of plexi or work on any rigid non-porous surface. 

You will need one wooden board or a couple of pieces of clean cardboard for drying your wet paintings.



Our Main Painting Projects And Specific Colours/Supplies

 Shape-making project - seeing shapes


We will sketch only - pencil or marker and paper. Reference photo below.

Working With Underpaintings and Building Layers 


Periwinkle - project 1!

Pencil & sketch paper


 Periwinkle  - project 2!



Reference Photos - You do not need to print these, however you may wish to click and drag them onto your computer or take a screenshot to view during the demonstrations. We will not be copying the photos. They are intended as reference for shapes and or colours.





For Your Files