Leading Edge - Stylize and Abstract Nature's Patterns

March 2 - 4, 2023

1:00 - 4:00pm ET

I'm looking forward to painting with you. I hope you will enjoy our workshop and learn loads of exciting new things! This page is only visible to the workshop students. Please do not share.

Here you will find information about our workshop, reference photos and images of the finished demonstration paintings. The Zoom link will be here too, once the invitation is created! If you click the Zoom link before the workshop I will not be there to let you in.

For the basic lessons and exercises use your favourite colours, brushes and canvas/panels or follow the supply list you received.

The program includes Keynote presentations, videos of basic techniques and full demonstrations. There will be plenty of time for asking questions and reviewing your work.

I will post the main demonstration videos here for you to watch and paint along, for 6 weeks, following the workshop.

My thanks goes to Louise Hall and Leading Edge Art Workshops for hosting this event.

Happy painting,


Before the workshop begins I encourage you to test your paints to determine if they are transparent or opaque.  


Some projects will been painted on a "re-surfaced" panel. If you would like to reclaim a panel from a past painting that didn't quite work out, here are the instructions.



I can be reached through my website and the following social media links:

Linda Kemp www.lindakemp.com

Negative Painting Addicted

MY Facebook Page

FB Workshop Page where you can post your work


 Workshop Description

Stylize and Abstract Nature’s Patterns - Acrylic Online Workshop
Make A Little Magic! Experiment with bold color and mark-making techniques as we take a step into the world of abstraction.
We begin by building blocks of solid hues, then manipulate and encourage the colours to flow and collide. Painterly marks, textures and decorative elements will be added to the experimental underpainting to embellish and animate the surface.
Develop your imagery with negative painting techniques as you reveal and conceal with intriguing passages of transparent stains and velvety, opaque acrylic. You will learn how to soften edges, blend color, build layers of warm and cool light to evoke a sense of mystery, and how to stylize by harmonizing shape, line, and movement. 
We will experiment with low relief textures, sgraffito, smudging, glazing, embellishing, colour blocking, translucent veils and gilding with metallics and gold leaf.
All shall be revealed as Linda guides you through this artistic investigation of techniques that transform nature’s shapes and patterns into evocative, stylized paintings.
This is going to be messy-fun, so roll up your sleeves and prepare to create the extraordinary.
Suitable for all levels.
Prerequisites - a willingness to experiment!
This program is suitable for all levels, although some painting experience is recommended. We will work with acrylics but watercolour painters who would like to explore acrylics are welcome!


General Supply List

This supply list is the same as the one you received from Leading Edge. It is my general acrylic landscape supply kit. You do not need everything here - this is a guide only. Below the main demonstration paintings you will find a list of the specific colours and supplies that I use for each project. However none of the paintings require the exact colour used. You may improvise as suits your paintbox.  Although the list looks long, I have described the products and given alternatives. 




This is what a Cheap Joe's 1" Skipper Brush looks like. It is the brush I use for a lot of my arctic and watercolour painting. You will learn how to create fabulous brushwork textures with this brush. If you are unable to acquire this brush, you can buy a natural bristle brush from the hardware store or contact Linda for other suggestions.

 Our Projects - coming soon!



Take a screen shot or simply click and slide these onto your desktop.








Videos will be posted here after the workshop - for 6 weeks.