Humber Valley - Blossoms And Foliage - May 25 - 26, 2021

I hope you will enjoy our workshop and learn loads of new things. I will be posting the main demonstration videos to this page following the workshop. I am offering these as an extra bonus for you to paint along with, for 14 days. Please do not share. This page is only visible to the workshop students.

You will also find a student handout, photos of the paintings and my inspiration on this page.  

Thanks again to Karyn Sturtridge and The Humber Valley Art Club for hosting this event.

Happy painting,


Please watch this tutorial. You will achieve better results if you test your paints before the workshop...even if you only do your favourite colours!   TEST YOUR PAINTS



Linda Kemp

Negative Painting Addicted

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 Colours that will be used in the projects

Here is my list of colours as used in each of the projects and demonstrations. You do not need to follow this list exactly. In most cases transparent colours will work best if you need to improvise. 

It is important to have some fresh paint (still in the tube) for some of the paintings. 



You will need an assortment of brushes

Minimum required: 3/4", 1" flats/ a #8, 10 or 12 round/ a rigger brush

WC Paper

I will work on Strathmore Gemini CP 140 and Aquarius II paper, but use your favourite. There is no need to stretch your paper before the workshop. (hooray!)

You will need a non-non-porous surface - plexi-glass, plastic board or countertop for working wet in wet. 

For more information please take a look at the supply list your received when you registered. 


For your notes:


Reference photos: Use your own or follow along with mine.





 Demonstration Paintings