Cheap Joe's Watercolour Workshop with Linda Kemp June 23 - 25

Blossoms and Foliage - Negative Painting!

June 23 - 25, 2021   1:00 - 4:00 pm (ET) 

Welcome to our workshop webpage! I hope you will enjoy our time together and learn loads of new, exciting ideas.

On this page you will find extra information, reference pictures and photos of the paintings that will be demonstrated. I will add more information soon, so be sure to check back from time to time.

I will be posting the main demonstration videos to this page two days after the completion of our workshop. I am offering these for you to paint along with, for 30 days. Please do not share. This page is only visible to the workshop students.

Thanks again to Edwina and Cheap Joe's for hosting this event.

Keep in touch, I am looking forward to painting with you!

Happy painting,


Please watch this tutorial. You will achieve better results if you test your paints before the workshop...even if you only do your favourite colours!   TEST YOUR PAINTS


Look below for a short video that you can watch to learn how I grade colour in the negative space around my subject. 


Find me here:

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FB Workshop Page where you can post your work


You will receive a list of supplies when you register but be sure to have a non-porous surface, i.e. plexi-glass, plastic board or countertop for working wet in wet. 

As you will see, I have lots of projects planned for our three days together. We will go step-by-step through each lesson. We have artists of all levels in each workshop. Sometimes there are lots of questions and we take the time needed to learn each technique and new idea.

I aim to keep the class informative and interesting. I have a plan for each day. Sometimes the learning goes fast, so I rearrange as needed. I have included a few bonus demonstrations if the group is extra speedy. Any demonstrations that don't fit into class time will be posted here after the workshop so you won't miss a thing! You will receive all of the lessons below - even the bonus demos! 

For your notes: We will be painting a variety of blossoms! Here is a sample of how I see one type of flower (Lilies) and leave and berries. Although these handouts are from other programs, they show how I approach all floral subjects. I thought you might like to take a look at a few samples to get an idea before the workshop.



Main Project Colours

These are the colours that I use in my demonstration paintings. Follow along with my palette, choose your own favourites or substitute as your paintbox requires.

I will use two types of palettes in the workshop.

A small folding one when working on dry paper and when glazing. Like this:  

When working wet into wet in my full demonstrations I squeeze out fresh colour onto a plexiglass board. Then the paper is wet, front and back and placed beside or below the fresh paint. Leftover colour is scouped into the travel palette when I have finished the painting. Here is my usual palette and paper ready to go! (This is too much fun!)

Reference photos: Use your own or follow along with mine.

You do not need to prepare sketches of these photos. You may wish to "swipe" them onto your computer so you can refer to them when I am demonstrating and when you are painting. 

 Sweet Potato Vine







Wild Asters (Bonus Demonstration)

 Demonstration Paintings