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As Recommended by artist, instructor Robert Burridge

“In my workshop classes when I talk about negative painting, I often get blank stares. (What is he talking about?) Even when I demo negative shape painting many students still don’t see it at first. The beautiful book, “Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines” by Linda Kemp will change your struggling time in the studio to an exhilarating, successful approach to your next masterpiece. This how-to book is a major, award-winning, internationally best seller that should be in every painter’s library. The principles clearly demonstrated throughout the book are true not only for watercolor painting - I use them for my acrylics and oils as well. Many of my students have attended Linda’s workshops and her classes at art expos and have raved about the beauty and originality of her paintings. No other instructor teaches her method of the power of negative space painting.”

“Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines is fully packed with step-by-step techniques, an abundance of clear diagrams for color and design and Linda’s secrets for finding the negative space. I believe you will consider this book to be an eye and mind opening way to see as a true artist really sees and paints.  Get this book if you want to know more about dynamic originality and creativity.”